Nobody knows the beauty industry like we do

With Qoves Agency we wanted to create an agency that can help beauty brands and beauty professionals get access to premium services and real industry expertise.

The problem with many agencies in this niche is that they don’t intimately understand the industry of their clients. This creates unprofitable marketing campaigns, annoyed consumers and wasted ad-spend.

Qoves is both an industry leader in the beauty and marketing industry through QOVES Studio, with large scale influence through our social media and professional credentials through our team and press coverage. When it comes to beauty marketing, no one understands the industry like we do.

Quality over Quantity

We only work with a handful of select clients to make sure we can deliver the best results and closely monitor the progress of each campaign.

ROI Focused

At QOVES Agency we focus on revenue generating services so that our client can actually see real and tangible return on investment with full transparency.

Premium Beauty Marketing Services


We offer a large range of premium marketing and content creation services for beauty brands and professionals. Our clients use several of our services at the same time as they work incredibly well together (such as content creation and influencer marketing or copywriting and paid ads).

ROI-Focused Paid Ads

Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, Tiktok, Youtube, Snapchat, Native Ads…

Premium Content Creation

Product Photoshoot, Content Production, Video Production, Ecommerce Photoshoot

Consulting & Strategy

Marketing, Online Sales, Branding, Backend Optimisation, Market Research…

Influencer Marketing

We have direct access to 300+ influencers in the beauty & lifestyle niche


We help our clients get featured in top tier publications, medias and magazines

Leads & Appointments

High quality lead generation for clinics and beauty professionals