Beauty & Marketing 

Our True Expertise

QOVES Agency is the marketing agency of the leading and largest facial consultancy service QOVES Studio.

We’re able to make top industry leaders in both the beauty and marketing industry work together in order to bring premium services to our clients.

Our clients include cosmetic brands, beauty brands, private clinics and cosmetic surgeons among others.

A New Way Of Doing Things

Time for A Change

To raise new questions, new possibilities, to tackle old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advances in science using our trademark QOVES approach.

Leo Olsen

CEO & Consultant

Leo Olsen is one of the pioneer in modern marketing and ecommerce strategies. He has built several successful marketing companies and has generated millions in revenue for himself and his clients.
Leo also have an extensive knowledge in the beauty industry as he has worked on many very successful campaigns for leading companies in this industry.

Leonard Sekyonda

Media Consultant

Leonard Sekyonda is known as the "content king". He is the founder and CEO of MyComeUp and work as an advisor for some of the UK's fastest growing startups.
His unique and modern approach of content creation and influencer marketing brings massive exposure and social proof to our clients.
With 10+ years of experience in brand building and content creation, Leonard is one of our most trusted consultant.

Dr Mingma Sherpa

Medical Consultant

Sony Sherpa MD is a medical practitioner currently working hard to provide health-related services to people in need. She completed her medical degree with multiple scholarships as an outstanding all-round student and currently works as a valued medical writer and editor at QOVES Studio. In fact, many of the scientific videos on our Youtube channel are fact-checked and co-written by her.
Her medical articles for QOVES are written with impeccable accuracy owing to her vast medical knowledge and thorough research, collaborating with our internal team daily. Also, she is a board-certified Clinical Doctor and is currently working as a Medical Officer in the emergency department of a renowned hospital and helps many new patients every day.

Shafee Hassan

Founder & Advisory Consultant

An anthropologist with a special interest in physical anthropology and understanding what separates facial features by ethnicity, geography and environmental adaptations. Having visited many countries and meeting people of different ethnicities led to the birth of QOVES Studio as a means of applying scientific literature to physical examples, in this case, human faces. Currently, he is the main narrator of the QOVES Youtube channel and co-producer of the Instagram Vs Reality series, having worked in the modelling and photo manipulation industry in his formative years.

Dr Mariana Barboza

Product & Beauty Consultant

Graduated from La Universidad del Zulia (LUZ), Maracaibo, Venezuela. As a Medical Doctor she did a rural year at an unprivileged Hospital where she got firsthand experience in Trauma, Cardiology, Gynecology-Obstetrics, ER, and Pediatrics. After that, Dr Barboza received her diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from Universidad de Carabobo, which led her to work with Clinica Tendencia Body as an Aesthetician before joining the QOVES team as a consultant.

Dr Jorida Shahinas

Aesthetic Consultant

Jorida is our dentofacial expert with a degree in dentistry and a Ph.D in Oral diseases. She is incredibly experienced with 10 years of reviewing scientific manuscripts, research peer reviews and medical journals while also holding a position as an Associate Editor for Oral Diseases.
Currently, she works on the Facial Aesthetics Report as a writer, providing consultation to both our internal team on niche dentofacial issues and to clients on their facial aesthetic. Given her experience, she is meticulous in her understanding of research papers and helps us interpret complex data in the field much more accurately.